ayana bean founded a year and a day foundation (AYAADF) in 2020 to support indivuals and families who are impacted by the criminal justice system.

while serving a federal prison sentence, former Financial Aid Advisor, ms. Bean realized that prison and jail are not conducive to healing or rehabilitation. upon her release in 2014, like many, she faced challenges of having lack of resources for returning citizens to prevent recidivism.

In 2019 Ayana Bean was tapped by National Network (BET) for their American Gangster Trap Queens documentary series, which chronicles women and their crimes, to be used as cautionary tales. 2021 she became an Amazon Best seller with her author debut A Year And A Day Memoir.

Ms. Bean continues to use her knowledge, experience, growing platform and network of community partners to educate, support and create pathways of success for the community.



To empower individuals and families affected by systemic barriers & incarceration to regain their independence, through pushing cultural, and social change.

we aim to facilitate change in the social justice movement.

This involves our programing, and linking them with our community partners in various areas such as education, equity programs, healthcare, food access, entrepreneurial opportunities, housing, sustainable employment, and advocacy efforts.


beyond the bars workshop series

Created to assist individuals affected by the system or those reentering society after incarceration, this program aims to support their transition. By engaging in organized group conversations and activities, participants delve into different facets of reintegration. This includes conquering obstacles, establishing support systems, defining objectives, and nurturing personal development.

cori sealing & expungement advocacy

conflict resolution program

Through our programs, individuals are provided with the tools and resources needed to navigate the challenges of reentry into society. We believe in the transformational power of resilience, the growth that comes from wisdom, the importance of a strong support system, and the boundless possibilities that a hopeful perspective can bring. By offering guidance, skills training, lived experiences, and a nonjudgmental environment, we strive to help individuals build a foundation for a brighter future beyond systemic challenges. Together, we work towards breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for success and fulfillment.

small business planning

financial literacy

digital skills TRAINIng

An essential element of personal and economic wellness is enabling individuals to efficiently handle their finances, reach their objectives, and safeguard their financial futures.

Summer 2024

Ages 14-18

Partners Uplifting Our Daughters & Sons

Seeking a summer position to unveil the secrets of entrepreneurial beginnings?

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A Year And A Day Foundation is on a mission with it's new partnership with Grow With Google to help in the advancement of the

justice-impacted community to learn the digital skills necessary to obtain gainful employment or to start/grow their own businesses.



Our Community Speaks

Comillas Negras

Today I attended Business Planning Workshop with Ms. Bean and received so much valuable information. Easy to follow, hands on and answered every question that I needed answered. .

- Diane Lockhart,

Royal Secret Boutique

Comillas Negras

Business Credit Building Workshop with Ms. Bean today was one of the best workshops our space has ever hosted. We did not expect this much information from a free workshop! She really over acheived our expectations.

-Katrina Conrad ,

Conrad Associates

Comillas Negras

It is always a pleasure partnering with AYAADF/Ms. Bean conducting their free financial literacy workshops for our participants. Giving the extra boost they need toward financial independence.

- L. Milton,

Gavin Foundation

Together We Are Community!


Email: info@ayearandadayfoundation.org

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